1279 Pendleton Street
Greenville, SC


Online, open 24-7

Brick and Mortar hours, by appointment between the hours of 9 and 2, M-F.** 

Open every first Friday of the month from 6-9 pm for the First Fridays event that takes place in The Village of West Greenville where my shop is located. There's great food, live music and lots of galleries and shops open, including the artist studios that don't post regular retail hours. Like me!

**I am a part time ceramicist/shop owner, because I have the high privelege of being a mom. I have two boys that are still at home for a few more years, and it's very much a priority of mine to be available for them as much as possible. For this reason, I hesitate to post a set hourly schedule. If I am at the studio, of course I am open, but the best way to be sure we don't miss each other is to send me an email letting me know when you'll be in the area. I will almost always be able to meet you during a time period that works for you. The other way to keep up with my schedule is to follow Crave Studio on Facebook. There's a button right over there on the left (or the bottom on mobile) that will take you straight there. I always post my hours on the days I'm open and you can stop by anytime. Thank you!